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Vehicle - Licensing and Registration

To get the vehicle signed over from the previous owner, various paperwork had to be presented and completed. The following steps are necessary when licensing and registrating a vehicle in South Africa.

Certificate of Registration

This is the certificate that the current owner provides which lists all the particulars of the vehicle.

Traffic Register Number Certificate

This is a necessary document that you must apply for (can be done at any Road Worth test centres) if you wish to register and license a vehicle. There is no cost for the certificate but if you lose it a replacement will cost R100. Two passport size photos are required for the application.

Road Worthy Test Certificate

All vehicles that transfer ownership require a valid Road Worthy certificate. The test centres perform a relatively thorough test to ensure the vehicle is road worthy. They test lights, brakes, suspension, tires, exhaust etc. The certificate is valid for six months but you are not required to renew this certificate as long as you own the vehicle. At the time of sale, to register and license the vehicle in the new owner's name, a valid Road Worthy certificate must be presented. The road worthy test costs R200 and if you fail, you have 14 days to correct the problems and are then entitled to one free re-test.

Application for Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicle

The particulars of the new owner and the vehicle need to be filled out on this form. You must have a valid identification number (ie, a Traffic Register Number). The licensing fee for our vehicle for one year came to R325. You are given a license disc which is attached to the inside of the windshield.

Notification of Change of Ownership/Sale of Motor Vehicle

The particulars of the buyer, the seller and the identification of the vehicle must be filled out on this form.