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Kids Corner - Slinky Facts

I was reading a magazine and came across some interesting slinky facts...

  • The coil-shaped toy was invented in 1945 by American naval engineer Richard James who was inspired when a spring came loose on a ship and fell to the floor in front of him.
  • More than 250 million Slinkys have been sold worldworld!
  • If you took the wire from all the Slinkys ever made, it would circle the Earth 126 times.
  • Almost anything to do with earthquake seismology can be demonstrated with a Slinky.
  • Slinkys have been used as a component in pecan picking, curtain holders, pigeon repellers and table decorations. American soliders used them as makeshift radio "aerials" in Vietnam.
  • The name Slinky is drawn from a Swedish word meaning sleek.